Restaurant Quality Pizza Sauce Recipe

pizza sauce

In this post I will show you how to make restaurant quality, traditional pizza sauce at home.  Nothing will make or break your pizza more than your sauce.  Your pizza sauce should be robust, slightly sweet and have a little spice to it.  Lucky for you, I’m going to show you my favorite, traditional pizza sauce recipe.

The products I work with are high end sauces.  You are more than welcome to use the same tomato products.  You will be able to find similar products at your grocery store.  First let’s take a look at the good stuff.  I use Bonta/ Escalon products and they are available on Amazon.

The three main ingredients are 6 in 1 All Purpose Ground TomatoesBonta Pizza Sauce with Basil, and Bonta Extra Heavy Tomato Puree. These are the products I have found that work the best. They are what I recommend but of course you can experiment with different brands to see what works for you.

Pizza Sauce recipe


Procedure and Tips

There is no secret order to mix this pizza sauce.  However I do have a few tips to give you.  This tip goes for anything you are mixing up with a tabletop mixer.  Make sure your mixer is on low!Funny yes, fun to clean up, no.  Some of the sauces are thick and heavy, that’s why we add the water to get a more fluid consistency.  Don’t add the heavy sauces first, they will stick to the bottom.  Add some water, then add the heavy pizza sauce ingredients, mix it until it smoothes out, repeat. When your tomato base looks thoroughly mixed add your spices.

Let everything mix for about ten minutes, then you’re ready to spread it out on your pizza dough.  Refrigerate the rest of your pizza sauce.  It should keep for about 5 days.

That’s all for this tutorial.  Leave a comment or contact me with any questions.  Check back for more pizza recipes and tips, soon you can call yourself a pizza ninja.