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White Pizza Recipe And Tutorial

This post I will show you everything you will need to know about making a white pizza aka margherita pizza.  White pizzas are fan favorites and crowd pleasers.  They are stretched the same as traditional pizza but instead of red sauce (pizza sauce) we are going to use a olive oil/ garlic sauce (white sauce).  Sounds good right?  Before we start, it’s helpful to preheat your oven now.  Turn it on and set it to 450.  Make sure there is nothing else in the oven and that your oven rack is in the middle.  If the oven rack is towards the top of the oven the bottom of the pizza won’t cook.  If your oven rack is towards the bottom of the oven the bottom of the pizza will burn. Okay, let’s get started.
white pizza pizzaninja.net

Equipment and Utensils

First lets go over the equipment you will need.  The only thing you will need a mixer for is mixing up your dough.  If you already made your dough or are using store bought dough you’re one step ahead already.  If you want to learn how to make dough, you should read my dough tutorial.

The next piece of equipment you will need is a pizza screen.  Pizza screens are essential to the pizza making process, I suggest having multiple screens.  You can make another pizza while the one in the oven bakes.  Plus you don’t have to wait for your screen to cool.  I use a 16 inch screen for a large and a 12 inch screen for a small. Both sizes fit nicely inside a standard size oven.

The last thing you will need is a pizza pan to serve from.  Pizza screens and pizza pans are going to be the most used utensils/ equipment you have when it comes to making pizzas.  You need at least one of each.  You will also need a pizza cutter.

White Pizza Ingredients

Recipe/ Procedure

White pizza/ margarita pizza is pretty straightforward and easy to prepare.  Like all pizza we are going to start by covering our dough ball in flour.  Some people sprinkle a little flour on both sides of their dough.  My technique is dipping the entire dough ball in the flour.  It’s a bit more messy but it will help in the long run.  If you have a spot on your dough that does not have flour on it, there is a good chance that your pizza will stick to the screen.

Stretching Your Dough

Next you are going to spin out your dough.  There are no shortcuts to learning how to spin and stretch a pizza.  My best piece of advice to you is practice makes perfect. I spin the dough clockwise and lead with my right hand (I’m right handed).  It might be different for you.  The other thing that might make your pizza stick to the screen is having thin spots in your dough.  When you are comfortable with your stretched out piece of dough lay it down on the pizza screen.  The pizza dough should hang over the edge of the screen about a quarter of an inch.  Below is a video tutorial for stretching pizza dough.

White Pizza Sauce

Now that we have our dough stretched out on our screen we are going to add some olive oil.  I don’t use a measurement, I just add a generous dab in the middle, and rub it all over the dough including the crust.  Be careful not to mash the dough into the screen.

Next we are going to sprinkle garlic salt on the olive oil.  Shake it generously over the pizza dough making sure you don’t miss any spots.  This step will give your white pizza the robust flavor that we are after.  After adding garlic salt, we are going to sprinkle on a light layer of parmesan cheese.   Same concept, sprinkle it generously.  I just grab a nice pinch (2 fingers and a thumb).

Topping Your White Pizza

Now to the cheese and tomatoes.  Top your pizza with half the amount of cheese you would normally use.  Next are  the tomato slices.  Place the tomatoes on the cheese.  Spread them out like you would pepperoni.  After the tomato slices we are going to add more pizza cheese on top.  The reason we do this is tomatoes have a tendency to burn if they are on top of the pie.  Adding cheese on  top will help prevent this (plus it looks awesome).

Finally we are going to add the oregano on top, sprinkle generously and you’re done crafting your pizza pie.

Bake your pizza at 450 for 10-12 minutes, serve and enjoy.  You are well on your way to becoming a pizza ninja.  Let me know in the comments below how it turned out.