A Pizza Makers Utensil List

A Complete Pizza Makers Utensil List pizzaninja.net

Here is your complete pizza makers utensil list.  In this post we are going to make a list of all the equipment and utensils you will need to make pizza in your own kitchen.  Some of these utensils are 100% necessary. Others are very helpful but you can get by without.

I’m going to explain what I use the utensils for, pizza making, dough making, etc. First we are going to look at the utensils for making dough and pizza sauce.  Next we will look at what you need to spin out a pizza.  Okay, let’s get started.

Utensils for Dough & Sauce

Tabletop Mixer

You will need a mixer for making your own pizza dough or mixing your pizza sauce.  Make sure the mixer has a dough hook and a wire whip.

Kitchen Scale

Most people have some type of kitchen scale, you will need it to weigh out your dough balls.  Some pizza toppings are easier to add when they are weighed out.

Pizza Peel

You will need a pizza peel to get your pizza in and out of the oven.  I use a wooden peel, but they also come in metal.

Baking stone

Baking stones are used in pizza ovens.  They absorb heat and transfer it evenly to the pizza crust.  These take some time to heat up in the oven but you can definitely tell the difference.

Dough Docker

A dough docker is rolled over your pizza dough to get out all the air pockets.  This results in better looking pizza without a bunch of bubbles.

Dough Box

If you are making your own pizza dough, you will need something to store your dough balls in.  Pizza dough has to be stored flat in your refrigerator.  It can take up quite a bit of space so I use these stackable dough boxes.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

I’m willing to wager you already have a set of measuring cups and spoons.  I use these daily so I invested in a decent set from Amazon here.

Cutting board

Another kitchen utensil that almost everybody has.  This organic antibacterial bamboo cutting board is my favorite for the simple reason it’s very durable.

Dough Scraper

This is a pizza maker’s best friend.  I use my dough scrapers more than my knives.  You can cut your dough balls, chop vegetables, use it for cleaning and probably a hundred other uses.  A must have.

6 quart containers

Love these containers, LOVE ‘EM!! I have 24 of these at my pizza shop and keep four or five at home.  They stack nicely and are small enough to fit in your refrigerator at home.  I use them for pizza sauce, toppings, flour, spices and much more.  My favorite sizes are 6 quarts and 2 quarts. They also come in 1 quart, 4 quart, 8 quart.  If you have the room and are feeling frisky, they also come in 18 quart and 22 quart.

Utensils To Make Pizza

Pizza Cutter

Every good pizza maker needs an awesome pizza cutter. You might not appreciate your pizza cutter until you’ve cut a couple hundred pizzas but trust me it’s important to have a nice pizza cutter.


I use a ladle to spread my pizza sauce onto my stretched out pizza dough.  I use a 4oz ladle for my 12 inch pizza and a 6oz ladle for my 16 inch pizza.  You can and should experiment to see what size of a ladle you need.  If you like a lot sauce on your pie maybe get a bigger ladle. You can also just get a smaller ladle and add sauce an ounce at a time.

Pizza Screens

I make two different sizes of pizza.  Large is a 16 inch and small is a 12 inch.  There are many sizes to pick from so experiment to see what works for you. Note: A sixteen inch pizza fits perfectly in my home oven. If you’re thinking of getting a bigger size, measure your oven to make sure your new screen will fit. Also, if you only have on screen, you can only make one pizza at a time.  You will also have to let your one screen to cool before you can use it again.  My advise would be get at least three of each size of pizza you want to make.

Pizza Pans

You are going to need a pizza pan to cut and serve your pizza on.  Whatever size screen you decide on, get at least on pan to serve from.  If you’re serving a lot of people or having a pizza party, you will want to get a few of these.  The pans that I own are the 16 inch and 12 inch.


A must have for a pizza maker.  I use my slicer for onions, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, ham, meatballs and much more.

Stainless Steel Dredge

I use a dredge for spreading garlic salt on white pizza, breadsticks and cheesy breadsticks.  You can have a second dredge for a cinnamon and sugar mix to use on a desert pizza.

Plastic Dredge

I use this particular dredge for oregano.  It can be used on your pizzas, breadsticks, cheesy breadsticks, pasta and much more.

Plastic Squeeze Bottles

These are great to have around.  I use one for spreading olive oil on my white pizzas,breadsticks and cheesy breadsticks.  You can also use these bottles for hot sauces, secret sauces and I bet they will work on any other sauce you can think of.

That is my list of the main utensils/ equipment you will need to get started making pizzas.  If I missed something or you have something else we need to add to the list, comment below or you can contact me here.

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